Tuesday Tech Tip

8 Phone Apps That Make Decorating Your Home A Breeze


It seems that in the age of smart devices we’ve created apps for everything you can possibly imagine. And in the case of home decoration, we found a few that can help you make the most of the challenge. Need to find a perfect paint color? How about learn ahead of time if that expensive couch will look right in your room before you purchase it? With these following apps, you can do all this and more.

1. LikeThat Décor and Furniture – Free Home Ideas

2. IKEA Catalog

3. Color Capture

4. Home Design DIY Interior Floor Layout Space Planning & House Decorating Tool HD by Mark On Call

5. Design*Sponge

6. Moodboard

7. Chairish – Home Decor, Vintage Furniture, Jewelry and Accessories to Buy and Sell

8. iHandy Level Free


Click here for the full article from The Lighter Side of Real Estate



Wireless Outdoor Security Camera



Monitor and record the activities outside your home with the Outdoor Security Camera. You can view what’s happening outside your home even when you’re not there—all from any Internet-enabled smart phone, tablet or computer with Nexia.

  • Requires active Nexia account.
  • View camera anywhere on your internet enabled computer or smartphone for through Nexia website and apps.
  • Uses wired or wireless ethernet connection to your internet router.
  • Includes mounting bracket, power adapter, and Ethernet cable.
  • Utilizes infrared technology for night vision.

Camera costs $180 on Amazon

For more information see the Nexia Website

Since 2008, Nexia has made it easy to be in the know and in control of your home – even when you’re constantly on the go. An all-in-one app that connects your smart devices through Z-Wave technology, Nexia streamlines the way you manage your day. By performing everyday tasks like automatically locking the front door on your way out or turning on the lights before you come home, Nexia empowers you to lead an active life without worrying about what’s happening at home. It’s almost like being in two places at once.

Tuesday Tech Tip – Pet Cube

Check on your furry loved ones when out of home!


Stay connected to your pets when you are not at home. Get the Petcube Camera for only $199! – Check it out – petcube.com

  • Sleek 4 x 4 x 4 inches aluminium housing
  •  138° degree wide angle camera streaming HD 720p video
  •  iOS & Android compatible
  • Connects to home Wi-Fi
  • 2-way audio stream through built-in microphone and speaker
  • Built-in 5mW 3R class laser, certified & safe
  • Non-slip bottom surface, standard tripod mount
  • 1.3 pound weight
  • 110/240 power adapter (US type plug)


Tuesday Tech Tip – Pin It Button


For my Pinterest Groupies!

When you see a Pin you like – it’s easy to re-pin it – but to create a new pin is a little harder. This chrome extension makes it super easy to make a pin out of things you see on most websites.

Pinterest Chrome Extension – click here

Pin the things you find on the web
Save creative ideas from around the web with the official Pinterest browser button for Chrome. Just click the Pinterest button next time you find something interesting that you want to save for later. Collect recipes from your favorite food blogs, articles you want to read later, ideas for your home and more! Links get saved as visual bookmarks, which are way easier to recognize and organize than the same old text bookmarks your browser gives you. New for version 1.3: Hover over any image and Pin right from there.

Also, check out The Tina Team Pinterest page – each member of the team has their own board with creative ideas, real estate stuff, DIY, and more…

Thanks for reading my Tech blog,


Lori Barngrover
Marketing Director
The Tina Team

Tuesday Tech Tip – Make Windows Start Faster

Tired of your computer starting up slow or programs starting that you don’t need or use? I was so I googled, “What do I need at start-up?” The following article came up. It didn’t cover every program I had questions about but it did help.

As you can tell I’m a PC person but we do have a couple of Mac people on our team – I’ll try to get them to write some tech tips for our ipeople out there!


Make Windows Start Faster: 10 Non-Essential Startup Items You Can Safely Remove

Here is the cliff-notes version of what you don’t need to start-up. They are still there they just won’t slow you down when you start up your computer! If you need help finding your system configuration – start-up the article above shows you how to find it.

1. iTunes Helper

2. QuickTime

3. Apple Push

4. Adobe Reader

5. Skype

6. Google Chrome

7. Spotify Web Helper

8. CyberLink YouCam

9. Evernote Clipper

10. Microsoft Office

Hope you find this as useful as I did!

Lori Barngrover,
Marketing Director, The Tina Team

Tuesday Tech Tip – Print Friendly

Print Friendly is an extension for Chrome.  This is essentially like an app that gets integrated into the Chrome browser.  A tiny green icon will appear up in your toolbar of Chrome.  Then, when you are ready to print it, a dialogue box will show up.  This is really where the ‘magic’ happens with this tool.  It will allow you to remove images, ads, navigations, change the text size and much more.

Here is a link to the extension in Chrome.

unnamed (1)

Edit Before Printing Click-to-delete any content before printing. Remove images or individual images. Change the text size from larger to smaller.
Print or Save as PDF Generate PDFs for archiving, sharing, or saving. PDFs include clickable links, and source URL so you can continue to interact.
  • Print Preview
  • Save as PDF
  • Email Page
  • Remove Images and text you don’t want
  • Change font size
This post idea came from an outstanding resource called Educational Technology and Mobile Technology & http://toddstuesdaytechnologytips.blogspot.com/